Wednesday, June 4, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

Here we are again, after more than a month's absence! It was a hard month in which I had a miscarriage, but God's comfort has been close! We have also done some fun things this month. The college we work out is now on vacation, so we have some more free time. We had a nice Memorial Day campout and hike. We've also been hiking and playing in the creek. Here are some pictures of what we have been wearing:

 Naomi outfit details: Shirt: Children's Place via hand-me-down; skirt: Osh Kosh via Hand-me-down;
tights: hand-me-downs; shoes: Osh-Kosh from Target; Bow: Walmart

 Naomi's outfit: Cardigan: Children's Place via Hand-me-down; Skirt: Okie-dokie via Thrifted;
Tights: Old Navy via Hand-me-down; Shoes: Target

 Ashley's outfit: Skirt: Catos; Shirt: Catos; Cardigan:? ;
Shoes: Thrifted

 Samuel's outfit: Shirt: Ralph Lauren via Thrifted; Pants: Osh Kosh via Thrifted?
Shoes: hand-me-downs

 Naomi's outfit; tank: Walmart; Skirt: Children's Place; Shoes: Target
 Samuel's Outfit: Shirt: Talbots kids via Thrifted; Vest, bowtie, and pants: Target

 Samuel's creek hiking outfit: Thrifted; Shoes: Walmart

 Naomi's outfit: Shirt: Circo brand via Thrifted; Pants: Jumping Beans brand;
Shoes: Osh Kosh from Target

 Naomi's Outfit: Dress and bloomers: hand-me-downs; Shoes: Osh Kosh from Target 

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

Hi, I think is going to be a catch-up post! Since I posted last, we went to Louisiana for Spring Break, so I have some pictures there and from before we left to post, and also from Easter! I am now 17 weeks along in my pregnancy, and showing some I think! How have you all been?

 Naomi's Easter outfit: Dress and Cardigan: Children's Place; Shoes: Target

 Samuel's Easter outfit: pants, vest, and bow tie: Target; Shirt: Talbots via Thrifted

 My early spring church outfit: Shirt: Walmart; Tank: Thrifted; Skirt: a boutique in Franklin, TN, 
Shoes: Candies brand via Garage Sale

 Ashley's early spring church outfit: Dress and top: Catos; Shoes: Shoe Show

 Ashley's class outfit: sweater: Thrifted; Tank: Gifted; Skirt: Catos
Shoes: Shoe Show

 Naomi's early spring outfit: Dress: pass-along; Tights: Totsy; Shoes: Shupeas

 Naomi's early spring outfit: Dress: Zutano via Thrifted; Tights: pass-alongs

 Naomi's beach outfit in Louisiana: Hat: Gymboree (gifted from my mom); 
Hoodie: Carters via Thrifted; Tights: pass-alongs; Sandals: Target

 Naomi's trekking by the lake look: T-shirt: pass-along; Skirt: pass-along; 
Hat: Gymboree (gift from her Grandma); Sandals: Target

 Samuel's fishing/trying to sight Alligators in Lousiana look: T-shirt: Thrifted; Pants: Thrifted

 Naomi's April look: Outfit: passed-along

Naomi and I for Easter: My outfit: Top: Thrifted; Skirt: Wet Seal 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday ! }

I did better this past week of getting pictures of Naomi than I did of Ashley and I. I am now 8 weeks along in my pregnancy #3, and I feel like I am starting to show a little, or at least my skirts feel tighter! A few days this week were warmish, and so lovely! Now it is in the 30s again. Here are some pictures of what we wore this week:

 My Sunday outfit: Top: Walmart; Skirt: Garage Sale; Heels: Candies via Garage Sale

 Ashley's Sunday outfit: Gifted and Thrifted I think

 Naomi's Sunday outfit: Dress: Gymboree via Flea Market; Cardigan: Gymboree via pass-along; 
tights: Old Navy via Pass Along; Shoes: Children's Place; Bow: Walmart

 Naomi's outfit: Outfit: thrifted: Shoes: pass-alongs

  Naomi's outfit: Hoodie: Carter's via Thrifted; Skirt: Garage Sale; Tights: pass-alongs; 
Shoes: Shupeas (these have been great!) Bow: Walmart

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Monday, February 24, 2014

{ Mothering Monday }

So today's news is pretty exciting! We are going to have another baby! Yes, baby #3 is on the way! I am about 8 weeks along now, and the morning sickness (or rather evening sickness) phase is kicking in! It's not terrible, but basically just queasiness. I am very exciting about having another baby, and it is still sinking in for my husband! So cool God has decided to bless us with another sweet baby!

Lo, Children are an  Heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward
                                                  -Psalm 127:3

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

We had fun here dressing up for Valentines Day this past week. Saturday, my husband and I even got to go on a fun date. I didn't get a picture though. I guess I will have to re-create that outfit another time. The last two days have been so pretty, it's almost like Spring wants to come, I mean we actually sat outside under a tree with the kids today and ate oranges. It was so nice to be outside again! Here are some pics of us all this week.

Day before Valentines outfit : Tank:Walmart; Sweater and skirt: Thrifted; Pin: Made by my 
Lithuanian aunt; Boots: Born

Valentines Day Outfit: Shirt: Target; Skirt: given to me by my Mother-in-law; 
Boots: Born

Outfit: Tank: Walmart; Skirt and Shirt: Thrifted; 
Ballet Flats: Maurices

Ashley's Outfit: Scarf: Target; Shirt:?; Skirt: J.C.Penneys
Boots: ?

Ashley's Valentines outfit: Scarf: Thrifted; Sweater: Thrifted; Skirt: Catos

Ashley's Miss Marvel Super hero costume for the Valentines Banquet

Monica's Outfit: Passed along by a friend.

Mason's Valentines outfit for distributing candy to the campus girls. Isn't he handsome!

Samuel's playing-in-the-sandbox outfit: Thrifted. He loves his shovel!

Naomi's outfit: top and skirt: Passed-alongs; Tights: Totsy

Naomi's Valentines outfit: Onesie and skirt: Passed-downs; Cardigan: Garage Sale; 
Leggings: Garage Sale; Hairbow: Walmart

Naomi's Sunday outfit: top and skirt: Passed-downs; Tights: Totsy; Shoes: Children's Place
Bow: Walmart

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Monday, February 17, 2014

{ Mothering Monday! }

Hi! Happy Monday! Naomi and my nephew Mason, are playing happily in the living room right now, and Samuel is taking a much needed nap. The house is still somewhat messed up from the weekend, but it is slowly shaping up! I don't know about you guys, but Monday is always cleaning day here. I read a great passage this morning during my devotions in my Amplified Bible. The context is Paul speaking to the Colossians, but I thought it was really great applied to Mothers. Here it is:

"Him we preach and proclaim, warning and admonishing every one and instructing every one in all wisdom, [ in comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God], that we may present every person mature - full-grown, fully initiated, complete and perfect - in Christ, the Anointed One. For this I labor [ unto weariness] , striving with all the superhuman energy which He so mightily enkindles and works within me."

I think we can at least start the process of having these things worked out in our children, with God's help of course!

Here is a picture of Naomi and I taken after church yesterday.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday }

Here are several pictures of what Ashley ( my sis-in-law) and the kids have been wearing lately. Our friend Monica is making an appearance this week too!

My Outfit details: skirt: free; shirt: gifted from Ashley; tank: Target; Boots: Born; Tights: Walmart


Monica's outfit : gifted

Hannah's outfit: Sweater: Thrifted; Skirt: Ross; Tights: Walmart; Shoes: Dillards


Mason ( Ashley's son) in his Sunday outfit

Samuel's outfit: Shirt: Crazy 8 via Thrifted; Pants: Children's Place via Thrifted; Shoes; Thrifted

Naomi's outfit: Hoodie: Thrifted; Skirt: Walmart; Leggings: Old Navy via hand-me-down

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