Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wardrobe Inspiration - {Love Month}

Last week I got to go to a Friendship banquet with my husband. Every year, the college where we work puts on a Friendship banquet, and they do a very nice job of it. Usually, most everyone dresses up really nice, but this time they did something different and gave it a country-western theme! I dressed up as a modern ranch lady. It was a very fun time. I do love beautiful dresses though, and this month is a nice month to wear them if one has them!
So here is your inspiration for a "foramalish" occasion!

P.S. If I were wearing this particular dress, I would probably wear a pretty pink cardigan with it, or something similar for modesty

"...her clothing is silk and purple..."
    -Proverbs 31:22b

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