Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{ What I Wore - Wednesday! }

What :
shirt : Kohls
skirt: gifted to me by my mom
shoes: espadrilles that are hand-me-ups from my younger sister

Where: lunch in the dining hall, laundry, taking care of our baby, dishes, probably a youth rally tonight. I ditched the espadrilles after lunch though in favor of barefootness or throwing on shoes to go outside.


  1. You are a super Mom and you still look fun and feminine ! Love the shirt ! Love the skirt's color and love the espadrilles.
    Come follow me back !

  2. Man, sister, you got it goin' on!!!! I miss you so stinkin' much that it hurts! I love you. Keep rockin' the world. Ha. :-)

    ~Sister :-)