Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{ Things I Love - Wednesday }

This weeks "Things I Love," will be in honor of "Cinco De Mayo," the great Mexican celebration. I used to live in Mexico for most of my teen years. We were missionaries over there. I LOVED it! It has so much beautiful culture, friendly people, scrumptious food, and great architecture! I actually really miss it. So I have gathered up some images that reflect my love of that country! Enjoy!

image from Phoenixis  on Etsy
This reminds me so much of the area where I lived in Mexico

These were tamales my sister and I made for Christmas this past year.
The little clay pot has something my mom made in it.

Some of our dearest friends when we lived in Mexico

This is a picture of a Hacienda in Mexico. I have stayed at a couple of beautiful haciendas
in Mexico that are hotels. It was like stepping back in time. It was so Romantic and sparks lovely imagination! I would love to own one one day!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  1. That is a gorgeous Hacienda! Happy Cinco De Mayo to you too!

  2. Do you remember when we'd fight over who would "buy" which hacienda one day???!!!! You wanted them all, and wouldn't give me a fighting chance to claim one!!!! Gaaa, I miss Mexico so bad. I wish I could just go back for one day, and have a nice Nikon camera with me and take pictures. Especially of Huayapan, Tlatlauqui, Zaragoza, Puebla, and on the way to that town back in the middle of no-where where we took Maw Maw and Paw -- what was the name of that place???!!! I think I'm missing a town, too. It's this town with a corner store that dad would go talk to the people inside....remember? The guy helped to translate a Bible....was that Zaragoza? Oh, and to eat "antojitos" one more time in Atempan. Oh, that would be pure bliss! And, to walk through a market on a lazy Saturday again.

  3. mexico is one of my fave places i've ever been. beautiful!