Thursday, June 23, 2011

{ Fabulously Feminine }

These ladies have done an amazing job of looking fashionable, fabulous, and beautifully feminine this past week or so. Go check it out, and get some fabulous inspiration!

-Kendi   is rocking the Bohemiam maxi skirt look!

-Domestic Sophisticate   looks so cute and classy in her dresses!

-Domestic Sophisticate  looks so nice in this skirt/shirt combo!

-Christa Taylor's nautical look is so cute! Love the shoes!

-Syndney is showing off her baby bump in such a cute summery ensemble!

-Ashley looks amazing in this maxi dress outfit! I LOVE these colors!

-Monica's look is very professional, yet pretty and feminine!

-Natalie is simply stunning in her babywearing outfit with her son. I want to look like her!

-Tricia looks so pretty in this blue dress and cardigan!

-Moda Mama looks pretty in her vintagey dress!

-Knocked Up and Fabulous is making her maternity outfit really pop with accesories.

-Merci's boho vibe outfit is great! I love white skirts!

-Kristina J.  looks so cute in these colors. Love the setting too!

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