Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Bucket List

Do you ever dream of all the amazing things you want to do before you die? I do! Somehow, in my world, I actually believe that I can or will do all of these things! I think a big part of life is intentionality. Some of these things I will have to actually make it a point to learn how to do! So, here is some of my bucket list.

1) Travel around the world
2) Travel to Italy
3) Travel around in Mexico
4) Own a Hacienda, and have a fine restaurant in it!
5) Live on a Pacific Island
6) Visit an Opera
7) Attend a Broadway musical
8) Learn Italian
9) Learn French
10) Learn Portuguese
11)Visit all of the State Parks
12) Visit all of the National Parks
13) See the Grand Canyon
14) Have 14 kids
15) Homeschool my children
16) Learn to play piano moderately well
17) Learn food preservation techniques
18) Have a beautiful bountiful garden
19) Learn to make soap
20) Learn to make candles
21) Be able to make yummy pies
22) Make beautiful layer cakes
23) Hike the Appalachian Trail
24) Learn crochet better
25) Learn knitting bettet
26) Travel by truck through Mexico and Central America
27) Go to the Grand Ole Opry
28) Attend A symphony
29) Go jet skiing
30) Go parasailing
31) Walk along the Great Wall of China
32) Ride a Camel somewhwere in  the Middle East
33) Ride in a Helicopter
34) Ride on a passenger train
35) Visit all of the States in The Union
36) Ride on a paddle boat down the Mississippi River
37) Eat at some fancy restaurants in New Orleans
38) Visit all of the lighthouses in Michigan
39) Visit Mackinac Island in Michigan

........and I'm sure I will be adding more!

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  1. I have always wanted to learn Italian too. Unfortunately, learning another language is freakin' hard! I need way more practice and maybe a tutor ;)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog--and I will have to see if our library has the book or our church library! :) I know that God has a purpose for us as women at home. We are the help meets! :)

  3. Great bucket list!! This gives me new ideas on what I would love to do as well. Hope you achieve them all! :)