Saturday, October 29, 2011

{ Wardrobe Inspiration }

Fall is in its beautiful array, and today is chilly! Last night I cuddled up with a cup of warm hot chocolate and enjoyed looking at a cute online boutique! I've been thinking about making an apple pie, but I have never made one. I have some Crisco sitting in my fridge waiting for the crust! I'm making fajitas for supper tonight though, and I don't think the two sound too well together!  Anyway, here is some fallish wardrobe inspiration for this weekend!

Fall Color


  1. So cute! I made chili last night, and spaghetti tonight, as well as some baked crispy broccoli that didn't turn out that great, and some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

    I miss you.

    ~Sister :-)

  2. Love those boots!

    Cuddling on the sofa with a hot chocolate sounds perfect at this time of year!
    I made an toffee apple crumble this weekend which went down with my guests very well! I like crumble better than pie 'cos I put lots of topping on!