Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

{ Wardrobe Inspiration - Love! )

When I was at my Grandparent's for Christmas, I really enjoyed watching " Fashion Hunters" TV show on Bravo.  I love looking at high - end clothes, although in real life, i can't afford them!  Anyway, this week's wardrobe inspiration is based on my Love for Pink! I plan on doing Romantic Wardrobe Inspirations for the next few weeks. Have fun!


{ Fit And Fabulous - Update 1 )

Some of my New Year's Resolutions involved Losing weight, Eating better, feeding my son healthier, working know things like that! Actually, I should make a blog tab with all of my New Year's Resolutions, so I can keep track of them!  Here is how it is going so far.

Working Out
- Eric and I have been doing " The 30 Day Shred" with Jillian Michael's on DVD. We aren't doing it in 30 days though, that is just unrealistic for us! This week we did it 3 nights. We started doing it in November, and I can feel my endurance getting much better! It's really nice being able to do it together! Even little Samuel starts jumping around when he sees me getting ready to do it!

Losing Weight

- I have lost about 3 pounds since the beginning of the year. Hoping for more!

Eating Healthier

- I really want to drink water for at least lunch each day. I did pretty well with that this week! I had more sweets than I needed though. My goal is to only eat 3 desserts a week!

Feeding Samuel Healthier

-I feed him eggs and cheese every morning for breakfast. Lunch and dinner we did okay. He didn't really like the carrots I steamed for his late night snack. But last night I cut up fresh pinapple to give him, and he LOVED it! This biggest issue here is my remembering to have healthy food on hand that he likes!

I'm looking forward to the week ahead!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{ What I Love Wednesday }


We had our first good snow lately, and it is coat weather here where I live. I love pretty coats! I have 2 basic black peacoats, and a brown one. Here are some coats I found that I just love! Don't you love them! How many coats do you have?

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

{ Fabulously Feminine }

These ladies all look so pretty and ladylike!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

{ Children's Fashion - Giveaway Roundup }

Here are some really great children's fashion giveaways I have found around the web.  Have fun entering them, and maybe winning some cute new clothes for your little one!

-Enter  HERE to win an organic white bodysuit from Funkoos  ( ends 1-13 U.S. only)

-Enter HERE to win a Girl's striped Missoni from Target cardigan ( ends 1/17 U.S. only )

-Enter HERE  to win an item from Vintage Couture      ( ends 1/18 U.S. only)

-Enter HERE  to win an adorable outfit from Bungalow Be Be  ( ends 1/19 U.S. & Canada )

-Enter HERE to win a $50 GC to Eternal Creation    ( ends 1/21 Worldwide )

-Enter HERE  to win a Girl's Lilly Pulitzer dress ( ends 1/21 U.S. only )

-Enter HERE to win a $25 GC to Lollipop Moon Boutique  ( ends 1/26 U.S. only )

{ Giveaway Events }

Here are some really awesome giveaway events going on right now around the blogosphere. Go enter them and have lots of fun! Winning stuff is a great way to start out the new year right?

New Year, New Babies, New Mommies of 2

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{ What I Love Wednesday! }


For Christmas, my husband gave me an awesome Kindle! I need to get a case or cover for it, and here are some cases and/or covers I am loving!

Monday, January 9, 2012

{ Monday - Blessing Counting Day! }

I am joining Ann over at A Holy Experience in counting 1000 beautiful gifts God bestows on me and my family this year! I think it will be a great experience, looking for God everywhere - in the big things, and even in the little things! He loves us SO much! Hope you join me!

Blessings #1 - #17

1) I am grateful for my hands that I can use to prepare a healthy breakfast for Samuel.

2) I am grateful for my ears to hear the beautiful worship music playing as I work.

3) I am grateful for hair that I could straighten this morning.

4) I am grateful for the rain outside watering the earth

5) I am grateful for the ripe oranges from Louisiana given to me by my grandparents!

6) I am grateful for the yummy baklava given to us by a sweet old lady!

7) A sweet little angelic man at a gas station who told me " Never lose your smile, it is so precious!"

8)I have learned so much from Genesis Chapter 1 that I have been reading and journaling this week!

9) I am grateful for God helping me to plan a baby celebration for a dear friend!

10) I am grateful for our real Christmas tree that gave me so much joy, but now needs taking down!

11) I thank God for Cheerios to bring to church to keep Samuel happy.

12)I am thankful for orange carrots to steam up for my son's late night snack.

12) I am thankful for the start of a new week - Mondays always make me happy!

13)I am grateful for easy access to a library full of wonderful inspirational, and spiritual books!

14) I am grateful for the new Kindle my husband gave to me for Christmas!

15) I am grateful for the mild weather we had last week. I even got to play outside with Samuel.

16) A friend sharing her son's toys with Samuel during church!

17) Lots of beautiful worship choruses and testimonies being shared in church last night!

{ New Year's Resolutions }

- Play with Samuel more
- Read to Samuel every day.
- Feed Samuel more healthily
- Drink more water
-Lose weight, and get fit.
- Read through the Old Testament in the Bible.
- Read 2 Classic books
- Be a better lover to my husband.
-Become a better blogger.
-Be more intentional about praying.
-Write letters to my friends.
-Put more pictures on Facebook.
-Do more outdoor adventures - hiking, etc.
-Enjoy Life!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?