Monday, January 9, 2012

{ Monday - Blessing Counting Day! }

I am joining Ann over at A Holy Experience in counting 1000 beautiful gifts God bestows on me and my family this year! I think it will be a great experience, looking for God everywhere - in the big things, and even in the little things! He loves us SO much! Hope you join me!

Blessings #1 - #17

1) I am grateful for my hands that I can use to prepare a healthy breakfast for Samuel.

2) I am grateful for my ears to hear the beautiful worship music playing as I work.

3) I am grateful for hair that I could straighten this morning.

4) I am grateful for the rain outside watering the earth

5) I am grateful for the ripe oranges from Louisiana given to me by my grandparents!

6) I am grateful for the yummy baklava given to us by a sweet old lady!

7) A sweet little angelic man at a gas station who told me " Never lose your smile, it is so precious!"

8)I have learned so much from Genesis Chapter 1 that I have been reading and journaling this week!

9) I am grateful for God helping me to plan a baby celebration for a dear friend!

10) I am grateful for our real Christmas tree that gave me so much joy, but now needs taking down!

11) I thank God for Cheerios to bring to church to keep Samuel happy.

12)I am thankful for orange carrots to steam up for my son's late night snack.

12) I am thankful for the start of a new week - Mondays always make me happy!

13)I am grateful for easy access to a library full of wonderful inspirational, and spiritual books!

14) I am grateful for the new Kindle my husband gave to me for Christmas!

15) I am grateful for the mild weather we had last week. I even got to play outside with Samuel.

16) A friend sharing her son's toys with Samuel during church!

17) Lots of beautiful worship choruses and testimonies being shared in church last night!

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  1. Love your resolutions!!! I miss Samuel so much. Tell me more about the little old man at the gas station! He sounds so sweet. And that was awesome that he told you that. You do have an awesome smile! :-)