Thursday, April 12, 2012

{ Small Style ! }

I haven't done a Small Style post in a  while, but I want to start doing them again. Here are two outfit I really like on Samuel. This first one was taken back in the winter, and I absolutely love it. Sadly, I think that was his last time to wear that cute sweater, because he will have outgrown it by next winter. The bottom picture is of Samuel a couple of weeks ago. He was doing all kinds of cute things, and I was snapping pictures. I love this outfit too. It really brings out his blue eyes.

 Outfit : Jeans- Jumping Beans-Kohls (Christmas present)
Sweater- Old Navy(Goodwill)
Shoes - Stride Rite (thrifted)

Outfit: short and shirt set - Dollar Store ( gifted) (Love the Argyle on the shirt!)

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  1. Very cute outfits! I love little boy sweaters and you can't go wrong with plaid and argyle. I have a blue-eyed Sam/Samuel too. :)

  2. Love how thrifty you are...and he is so super cute. Mom and I were talking last night how you should have named him "Eric Jr." or "Eric's Dad Jr." Cause he looks just like them!