Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ Spring Break ! }

We had a really fun spring break. Working at a college is nice, because it gives us a long spring break. We stayed home for several days, and then went up to Michigan for about 4 days. While we were here, Eric preached at a church, and we went out to Natural Bridge State Park for a picnic on Sunday. It was a beautiful spring day, and Samuel enjoyed seeing the geese. While in Michigan, we went to see Fredrich Meijers Gardens in Grand Rapids, with Eric's two sisters, Samuel's cousin Mason, and Eric's grandma. It was a beautiful and fun day! Here are some pictures from our Spring Break.

 Samuel wanted to preach too.

 Little Preacher boy!

 Eating Pizza at our picnic.

 I love this one! Eric is showing Samuel something in the water.

 Eric is showing Samuel the geese.

 He likes the geese.

 Samuel enjoyed looking at the butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion at Freidrich Meijers Gardens.

 Samuel and I at the Butterfly Pavilion. It was so beautiful!

 The Gardens had a children's park, and they had a cool plastic boat waterway shaped like the Great Lakes. So cool, and Samuel LOVED it!

 Me in a cute little hut in the Children's Park. It was so much fun!

 Eric is helping Samuel work the sand digger in the sand pit.

 Samuel had fun in the sand. This was his first day to ever play in the sand I believe.

 Eric had fun too. He built a really nice sand castle!

Here is his sand castle!

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