Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ Memorial Day Camping Trip }

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went camping, and had a wonderful time! We went out to Red River Gorge here in Kentucky, and did primitive camping. It was the first camping trip since we have been married that it has not rained! We camped right by a creek, so we could go wading when it got hot. We did some fishing, hiking through the creek, cooked over a campfire, watched the ducks at the state park close by, went swimming at the state park's pool, and ate at a great pizza place in the area. Here are some pictures from the trip.

 This is our awesome 10-person tent!

 Eric built us a nice little camp table for cooking.

 The bacon I was cooking over the fire.

 Eric and a friend of our's who came fishing with us. This is the trout we caught

 Eric and Samuel by the fishing hole

 He wanted to fish I think.

Samuel really enjoyed getting REALLY dirty!  

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