Thursday, August 30, 2012

{ Our Anniversary Getaway! }

Last Saturday and Sunday,  Eric and I had a really fun 3rd anniversary getaway to the Natural Bridge/Red River Gorge area here in Eastern Kentucky. This was our first overnight getaway without Samuel, and it went really well. Saturday we went on about a 6 mile hike, and then ate at a really cute little restaurant. Sunday, we went canoeing and swimming, and then ate at an awesome pizza restaurant for our anniversary meal. We ate there on our honeymoon, and on our last 2 anniversaries, so I guess its our thing! We stayed at a beautiful cabin in the woods that that the college we work for owns as a retreat cabin. It was a lovely time! Here are some pictures.

 Eric resting on our hike

 Eric drinking water on our hike

Me drinking water on our hike



 Eric and I


Eric climbing some rocks and exploring

On some rocks

 A cool cave we saw

There were actually two close together 

 Eric trying to find a way to climb into it

He decided to build a ladder 

He looked in the cave, but it was a little to rickety to go all the way up. 

 Eric and I after eating our anniversary meal

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