Thursday, October 18, 2012

{ Small Style! }

Today's Small Style is going to be pictures of Samuel in the Leaves from the past few weeks. He has had so much fun in them! There are other little and bigger children around here for him to play with too, and he has been enjoying that. Yesterday, I just hung out outside, and let him play for over 2 hours.


 Outfit details above: shirt - hand-me-down from Cousin; jeans- Guess brand
from a Garage sale.

 Outfit details: thermal- not sure; T-shirt- Jumping Beans brand was gifted;
jeans- Guess brand from Garage Sale; Shoes - Stride Rite from Garage Sale.


  1. what a cutie!!! your fall post made me miss fall more than i already do.... :(

  2. Love all of theses fall photos! How fun to play in those leaves! Thanks for linking up!