Thursday, November 15, 2012

{ Pregnancy Update - Week 29! }

So I am now about 29 weeks along with this pregnancy, and I am so excited!

What she is doing? Moving around like crazy! She is also starting to get up in my ribs when I am
trying to go to sleep!

How I am feeling? I am feeling good, but somewhat big! I feel about as big as when I was ready to   have Samuel! I also sometimes find it hard to get comfortable sleep.
What I have been doing? I got to go see my midwife yesterday, and everything was great! I have all  the baby's newborn and 0-3 month clothes together in a tote. Samuel and I  have been enjoying spending some time outside on pretty days. This  weekend some friends and I are putting on a Bridal shower for a friend.I  also have been organizing and purging things around the house, because I figure I won't have much time to do that later ( and probably nesting has  kicked in. Lol!!) A few weeks ago, a photographer I know did a maternity photo shoot with me, and that was so much fun! Thanks T.J. Marshall!  Here are some of those pictures!

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