Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmastime at our House!

We had a very nice season leading up to Christmas, and a very nice Christmas. This is our first Christmas since being married that we stayed home for Christmas instead of traveling to see family. Since we work at a college, and my husband also works at a High School, we attended two Christmas parties, two beautiful Christmas musical programs, one at church, and another here at the college, I was pregnant Mary and Eric was Joseph in another church's Christmas play. That was fun. I mean, how many times are you 9 months pregnant at Christmas time! For Christmas Eve we ate enchiladas, rice, and beans, and  a birthday cake for Jesus. Then we cleaned the house, put the presents under the tree, filled the stockings, and went to bed. On Christmas Day we had fun opening presents, and then I cooked a Christmas evening meal and we had some friends over. It was a great time! Here are some pictures:

Samuel eating a candy cane after the Christmas Cantata


Samuel and Eric with our Christmas tree!

Samuel and I with our Christmas tree!

Decorating the Christmas tree

 Samuel putting an ornament on the Christmas tree
The blueberry, pecan and pumpkin pies I baked for Christmas Day!

 The stuffed animals on Christmas Eve
Samuel with our good friend Tigest who was a bridesmaid for another friend's wedding 

The tree on Christmas Eve 

The stuffed stockings on Christmas Eve

My table centerpiece on Christmas Eve
 The 4-wheeler waiting for Samuel to find it on Christmas morning

 Waking up Samuel on Christmas morning

 He didn't know what to think of his 4-wheeler. He now LOVES it!

 So he went for his horsey which he knew more about? Isn't it cute!

 Samuel opening his stocking

Licking his lollipop!

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  1. your son is adorable!! And those pies look divine. Looks like you had a very Merry Christmas. Wishing you and your cute family a happy New Year!