Monday, January 14, 2013

{ Motherhood Monday! }

This is a new feature of my blog, and it is called "Motherhood Monday!" It will probably not be the same every week, and it may even be an every-other-week feature. Right now I am trying to work out what I want my blog schedule to look like for the coming year. I want to talk about different things pertaining to Motherhood, share awesome links I have found, pictures, and quotes. Hope you like it!


Here are some awesome links I want to share with you today!

Go HERE to get a sample edition of the beautiful new magazine, Natural Child World!

Read  this awesome Timeline of a Breastfed Baby. I this would be very helpful to breastfeeding mamas!

Read This great article about 10 Eco-friendly ways to find children's clothes for very cheaply or almost free! Who can't use that information right!

Read this cool way to make no -sew wool diaper covers for your baby. Ingenious! I really need to try this!

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