Monday, February 25, 2013

{ Getting Fit - Week 1}

So it has been over 5 weeks now since I had Naomi, and I am ready to lose my excess weight, and get fit. I was able to not gain as much weight with this pregnancy as I did with Samuel, but I had not lost all of my baby weight (or post baby weight) before I got pregnant with Naomi. I actually only have about 5 1/2 lb. to lose till I will be what I was before I got pregnant with Naomi. I am planning to do this weight loss thing in a healthy manner though, because I am breastfeeding, and so must maintain adequate calorie intake. My plan is to mainly eat proteins and veggies, with a little carbs here and there. I would love to do it the Trim Healthy Mama way, but I currently eat most of my meals in the college cafeteria where my husband cooks, so It's not as easy. So I am modifying that approach for myself. I know these ladies who wrote this book, and they put TONS of research into it, and have an awesome large facebook group and forum with lots of encouragement. Anyway, I also plan to work out a few times a week. Here are my stats for week 1.

Goal: lose 2 lb. this week.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 166.5
size: 14 (depending on brands)
Goal: 135 lb. by June 1 or close to that.

I'm really excited about doing this. I will try to give updates every week about my progress!

{ Mothering Monday - Cloth Diapering my newborn 2-5 weeks. }

Today I want to talk about cloth diapering my newborn. For Naomi's first week, I used just disposable diapers, it was easier that way, because I have to do laundry in another building, and I was doing as least as possible. This is pretty much what I used from her second week till about her 5th week, which is now. I cloth diaper to save money, because It works well, they are cute, and I don't have all the waste, and less chemicals on her bottom. I cloth diapered Samuel too, and liked it a lot. She was 7 lb, 3 oz., at birth, and I started using the plain preemie prefolds at the top with the 4 diaper covers shown here. I have a few more, but they do not work so well for her as these 4. The cover brands are 2 Thirsties, 1 Rumparooz, and 1 Swaddlebees capri. Then when she outgrew those, I went to the red -edged prefolds to the left with the same covers. For both I used the bright colored flannel cloths in the right corner inside the diaper for extra absorbency. I also use a fleece liner (helps keep baby dry) in each diaper. Those are in the right bottom corner. I have still used some disposables as suplementation because I had some. She is big enough now, that I am able to use some of my OS diapers, and some infant prefolds. I will keep you posted on what she is using in a later post. If you have any questions about cloth diapering, let me know .

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

{ I ♥ Thursday }

Today, I wanted to tell you about a great movie I watched with my mom when she came to help me out when I had Naomi. It is called, " Margie." If you love old movies, and some romance, I think you will love it too.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{ Valentines - What We Wore }

pleated poppy

So we had a fun two days of Valentines. On actual Valentines Day, Eric and I went out for Dinner, and brought Naomi with us. It was nice to get out together. Right after we went into the restaurant, and were waiting in line, Naomi got fussy, so I had to go out to the car and nurse her ( Yeah, I guess that what dates are like sometimes if you are a mom of a newborn!). For actual Valentines Day, I made a yummy breakfast of pancakes with nutella and strawberries on top, and chocolate milk. That evening was the Valentines Banquet here at the school. So Samuel, Naomi, and I got to get dressed up for that. Eric had to cook it, and he did a wonderful job! Here are some pictures of the banquet, and a couple of Naomi's 4 week old pictures I took on Valentines. That was a lot of fun! What did you do for Valentines?

 Outfits details: my dress: free table; my shirt: thrifted; my shoes: Marshalls - Samuel's outfit:
Vest: Children's Place via Garage sale, shirt and pants: Garage Sale; Shoes: Payless - Naomi's outfit: Dress: Target; cardigan: Target.

Diaper: Boogie Bear Creations

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{ Fabulously Feminine }

Have lots of fun getting inspiration from all these beautiful and modest outfits from around the blogosphere today!

Monday, February 11, 2013

{ Mothering Monday }


Life with two children is going pretty well! It greatly helped to have my mom here with me to help out for the first two weeks. The house is a little less clean (it wasn't that great before though!). It also takes a lot longer to get ready to go anywhere. We haven't made it to church on time yet! My ring sling and Boba wrap have been invaluable in going out and about. Naomi is already up to 8 lb. and 9 oz., and she spits up a ton! That is rather annoying, but at least she is getting plenty of milk. I have been enjoying taking care of her and Samuel, and loving my husband. I often think of the Bible verse that says, "Every good and perfect gift comes from Above." They are all my good and perfect gifts, and I enjoy loving on them!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{ What Kids Wore Wednesday! }

So last year, I sometimes took part in the Small Style link up which was on Thursday. This year that has been discontinued, and instead I will try to link up often with What Kids Wore Wednesday . If you have children, come on over and join in. It should be lots of fun, especially now since I have a girl! Girl's fashion is so much fun, although, I have to say, I have really enjoyed dressing our son Samuel too!  This week's pictures were taken Sunday when we got baby Naomi dedicated at church. Before she was born, I bought her this beautiful red dress at Target for her dedication. I got a great deal on it in their after Christmas clearance ( by the way, Around the middle of January is a great time to buy dressy things and winter clothes for next Christmas and next winter!). The was already out-growing it though, so I think that is the only time she will get to wear it!

Outfit details: dress and cardigan- Target; leg warmers- My Little Legs; socks - garage sale;
shoes- garage sale; headband- gifted.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013