Monday, February 25, 2013

{ Mothering Monday - Cloth Diapering my newborn 2-5 weeks. }

Today I want to talk about cloth diapering my newborn. For Naomi's first week, I used just disposable diapers, it was easier that way, because I have to do laundry in another building, and I was doing as least as possible. This is pretty much what I used from her second week till about her 5th week, which is now. I cloth diaper to save money, because It works well, they are cute, and I don't have all the waste, and less chemicals on her bottom. I cloth diapered Samuel too, and liked it a lot. She was 7 lb, 3 oz., at birth, and I started using the plain preemie prefolds at the top with the 4 diaper covers shown here. I have a few more, but they do not work so well for her as these 4. The cover brands are 2 Thirsties, 1 Rumparooz, and 1 Swaddlebees capri. Then when she outgrew those, I went to the red -edged prefolds to the left with the same covers. For both I used the bright colored flannel cloths in the right corner inside the diaper for extra absorbency. I also use a fleece liner (helps keep baby dry) in each diaper. Those are in the right bottom corner. I have still used some disposables as suplementation because I had some. She is big enough now, that I am able to use some of my OS diapers, and some infant prefolds. I will keep you posted on what she is using in a later post. If you have any questions about cloth diapering, let me know .

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