Monday, March 4, 2013

{ Getting Fit - Week 2 }

I didn't do as well as I wanted this week, but I did lose half a pound. I guess something is better than nothing. I did really well Monday and Tuesday, and maybe even Wednesday, but then I started letting some sweets and carbs get in the picture, because I was really craving sweets. I think if I maybe eat a piece of candy every day at the end of the day if I do well the rest of the day, it might help matters. We''ll see. I probably won't post until 2 weeks from now, because we are going on vacation Saturday. I hope to have a better loss next time. I did work out 3 times this week though, so that was great!

Here are my stats:

Weigh in today: 166 lb.
Height : 5'8
Goal for week: lose 2 lb.
long term goal: Weigh 135 lb. by June 1.


  1. Proud of you, Sister! You look great in the picture you posted of yourself last week! : )

  2. Congratulations!! Half a pound is still definitely worth celebrating! I've been trying to be healthier myself, and it is NOOOOOOT easy. Especially since I have a big sweet tooth like you. What I do is that I have a very small dark chocolate every night after dinner as my "dessert". It helps take away that sweets craving and keeps me from binge eating. Hope you had a great weekend!