Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{ Getting Fit and Healthy - Week 4 }

When I got on the scale yesterday for my weigh-in, I was pretty shocked to discover I had dropped 5 pounds this past week! Yay! So excited about that. Now I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight for Naomi. It only took a little over 4 months. BUT, still have to lose all I gained with my pregnancy for Samuel, and from when I caved too much to the munchies after I had him. I am encouraged though. I really didn't even exercise this past week. I did make an effort to eat smaller helpings though.

My stats:

Highest weight since start of challenge: 167.6 lb.
Weight at yesterday's weigh-in: 162 lb.
Goal weight: 135 lb.
Height: 5'8

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