Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{ What Kids Are Wearing - Wednesday }

I really do love dressing my children, and having a little girl is so much fun. I'll admit, it has had a small learning curve though. It seems to me that dressing boys is easier than dressing girls. It seems more straightforward.  Naomi wears all kinds of different sizes too. She is almost 4 months, and she can wear 12 month skirts, probably because of cloth diapers. I took Samuel's picture when we went hiking on Sunday. I love his hiking look.

 Outfit details: hoodie: thrifted , pants: thrifted, sandals: Walmart

 Outfit details: shirt: Old Navy via Thrifted, pants: Gymboree via Thrifted: headband: hand-me-down

Outfit details: Onesie: hand-me-down; Skirt: hand-me-down: headband: My Little Legs


  1. Oh, I love those embroidered cargos with that gauzy white top! Too cute!!

  2. You have some serious cuties on your hands!! Stopping by from one little mommas www link up