Friday, June 14, 2013

{ Friday - Fun Day! }

I decided that I want to read or finish at least 10 books, and watch at least 15 movies in the next two months of summer! That sounds like fun right?!  We are going on vacation in about a week, so I am sure that I will be doing a lot of both of those things on vacation, as well as other fun stuff like...playing in the lake, eating ice cream, shopping, and spending quality time with family! I will try to keep you updated as I go along. If you have any great recomendations, let me know!

 I just watched this movie the other night, and it was pretty good, especially if you like Disney movies of the teenage genre...which I happen to!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

{ The Modest Wardrobe }

I have decided that on Thursdays I will sometimes post this new series called, "The Modest Wardrobe." In it I will show some awesome looks and clothes to build a modest wardrobe. Right now Maxi skirts are very big and you can find them in most stores. I put together a collage today to show some great looking ones that are also very afordable. These particular ones all come from Wet Seal .
I hope you enjoy this series of posts, because I am very excited about it!

Black and White Maxi dresses

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{What Kids Wore Wednesday }

One of my favorite things on Samuel is his camo shorts and pants. He has almost always had a pair since he was a baby. In fact, I think my sister bought him his first pair! I actually saw a really cute long camo maxi skirt online the other day, and I might buy it. I should probably buy Naomi something camo too, and we could have a camo family picture! My husband also wears his camo pants all the time, and when him and Samuel wear them at the same time, its always cute! Anyway, here is what Samuel and Naomi's summer atire is looking like:

                                              Outfit details: all thrifted except sandals from Walmart

 Outfit details: hand-me-downs

 Outfit details: hand-me-downs

                              Outfit details: Shorts: Circo via Thrifted; t-shirt: thrifted; sandals: Walmart;

Monday, June 10, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

{ Getting Trim and Healthy - Week 5 }

 It was an okay week as far as weight goes. I lost some more, so that is good! The last couple of mornings I have eaten a really yummy breakfast of plain yogurt, sliced strawberries, several drops of Nunaturals stevia, and a teaspoonful of Chia sprinkled on top. Delicious! I made yogurt today, and hope it turns out well!

Here are my new stats from this week's weigh-in:

Height: 5'8
Highest weight of challenge: 167.6 lb.
Weight at this week's weigh-in: 161.4 lb.
Goal weight: 135 lb.

Monday, June 3, 2013

{ Mothering Mondays }

Today I am going to share some pictures I took of Naomi, that I took a few weeks ago, in a cute tutu I had bought her. I just love tutu pictures of baby girls, so I knew I had to get her one!