Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{What Kids Wore Wednesday }

One of my favorite things on Samuel is his camo shorts and pants. He has almost always had a pair since he was a baby. In fact, I think my sister bought him his first pair! I actually saw a really cute long camo maxi skirt online the other day, and I might buy it. I should probably buy Naomi something camo too, and we could have a camo family picture! My husband also wears his camo pants all the time, and when him and Samuel wear them at the same time, its always cute! Anyway, here is what Samuel and Naomi's summer atire is looking like:

                                              Outfit details: all thrifted except sandals from Walmart

 Outfit details: hand-me-downs

 Outfit details: hand-me-downs

                              Outfit details: Shorts: Circo via Thrifted; t-shirt: thrifted; sandals: Walmart;

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