Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{ Getting Fit and Healthy - Update }

Yesterday was the end of my 13 week Weight Loss Challenge. I was doing it with 5 other ladies. I am happy to report that I lost about 10 lb! Yay! I am super excited about that! I have lost all my baby weight from my pregnancy with Naomi, and working on my pregnancy weight from Samuel (or sweets weight, not sure!) I have been incorporating the eating plan from Trim Healthy Mama with good results. I am not completely doing their plan, although I think it is awesome! Their Facebook group has a really great support system. I have been making my own yogurt lately, which enables me to have a healthy snack or breakfast. I had an amazing bowl of plain yogurt, with chopped up fresh peaches, and whole fresh blackberries, vanilla, and sweetened with Nunaturals stevia. It was so yummy and summery! Try it sometimes! I plan to keep on this journey of becoming fit and healthy. Can't wait to give you more updates!

Starting weight: 167.5 lb.
Weight yesterday: 156.8 lb.
Goal weight: 130 lb. and firm and toned

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