Monday, January 27, 2014

{ Mothering Monday }

January 17th was Naomi's first birthday! We had a small, mostly family party. I made her a strawberry cake with a strawberry lemon cream cheese frosting. We also had strawberry milk. It was a very pink party! She is starting to walk now, and can say a few things, and is so much fun!
Here are some Birthday party pictures.
 Naomi and her auntie  Ashley 

   Naomi with her brother Samuel (without the shirt), her cousin Mason, and her auntie Ashley 

 Eric and I, Samuel and Naomi 

 Naomi and I 


 Naomi's birthday party yummies!

 The Birthday girl with her scepter!

 I think she is ready for her cake!

 Enjoying her cake, and all the pretty strawberry milk cups 

 The inside of the cake 

Messy Birthday girl! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{ Some New Year's Goals }

Do you like to make resolutions or goals in the New Year? I usually try to make some goals. Here are some of mine this year:

1. Start doing preschool work with my son and my nephew 
2. Work on learning French 
3. Watch or listen to things in Spanish, in order to remember what I already know. 
4. Drive more 
5. Continue to eat healthy and get fit 
6. Read two non-fiction books a month 
7. Read 2 classic books this year 
8 Have lots of fun with my family 
9. Blog more 

I'll try to keep you updated on my progress in these areas!

Monday, January 6, 2014

{ New Year! }

Happy New Year to all my friends, blog friends, and family! It's freezing cold outside here in Kentucky. We just got back from our Christmas trip up to Michigan to visit family. We brought back my sister-in-law Ashley, and her son Mason. She will be studying here at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, and I will be watching Mason while she has classes. God did an amazing transformation in her life, and we are so excited about that! My husband will be continuing to teach Geography and Bible at Mt. Carmel High School, cook suppers here at the college, and be the boy's dorm supervisor here this semester. I am enjoying me the mom of Samuel, our 3 year old son, and Naomi, our almost 1 year old daughter. I am hoping to start doing some preschool work this semester with Mason and Samuel. Ashley might join me in doing some modest fashion posts too. I hope to post more regularly this year, than  I have been doing! Have an amazing New Year!

Our family at Christmas time. 

Ashley and Mason