Monday, January 27, 2014

{ Mothering Monday }

January 17th was Naomi's first birthday! We had a small, mostly family party. I made her a strawberry cake with a strawberry lemon cream cheese frosting. We also had strawberry milk. It was a very pink party! She is starting to walk now, and can say a few things, and is so much fun!
Here are some Birthday party pictures.
 Naomi and her auntie  Ashley 

   Naomi with her brother Samuel (without the shirt), her cousin Mason, and her auntie Ashley 

 Eric and I, Samuel and Naomi 

 Naomi and I 


 Naomi's birthday party yummies!

 The Birthday girl with her scepter!

 I think she is ready for her cake!

 Enjoying her cake, and all the pretty strawberry milk cups 

 The inside of the cake 

Messy Birthday girl! 

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