Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday ! }

I did better this past week of getting pictures of Naomi than I did of Ashley and I. I am now 8 weeks along in my pregnancy #3, and I feel like I am starting to show a little, or at least my skirts feel tighter! A few days this week were warmish, and so lovely! Now it is in the 30s again. Here are some pictures of what we wore this week:

 My Sunday outfit: Top: Walmart; Skirt: Garage Sale; Heels: Candies via Garage Sale

 Ashley's Sunday outfit: Gifted and Thrifted I think

 Naomi's Sunday outfit: Dress: Gymboree via Flea Market; Cardigan: Gymboree via pass-along; 
tights: Old Navy via Pass Along; Shoes: Children's Place; Bow: Walmart

 Naomi's outfit: Outfit: thrifted: Shoes: pass-alongs

  Naomi's outfit: Hoodie: Carter's via Thrifted; Skirt: Garage Sale; Tights: pass-alongs; 
Shoes: Shupeas (these have been great!) Bow: Walmart

pleated poppy

Monday, February 24, 2014

{ Mothering Monday }

So today's news is pretty exciting! We are going to have another baby! Yes, baby #3 is on the way! I am about 8 weeks along now, and the morning sickness (or rather evening sickness) phase is kicking in! It's not terrible, but basically just queasiness. I am very exciting about having another baby, and it is still sinking in for my husband! So cool God has decided to bless us with another sweet baby!

Lo, Children are an  Heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward
                                                  -Psalm 127:3

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

We had fun here dressing up for Valentines Day this past week. Saturday, my husband and I even got to go on a fun date. I didn't get a picture though. I guess I will have to re-create that outfit another time. The last two days have been so pretty, it's almost like Spring wants to come, I mean we actually sat outside under a tree with the kids today and ate oranges. It was so nice to be outside again! Here are some pics of us all this week.

Day before Valentines outfit : Tank:Walmart; Sweater and skirt: Thrifted; Pin: Made by my 
Lithuanian aunt; Boots: Born

Valentines Day Outfit: Shirt: Target; Skirt: given to me by my Mother-in-law; 
Boots: Born

Outfit: Tank: Walmart; Skirt and Shirt: Thrifted; 
Ballet Flats: Maurices

Ashley's Outfit: Scarf: Target; Shirt:?; Skirt: J.C.Penneys
Boots: ?

Ashley's Valentines outfit: Scarf: Thrifted; Sweater: Thrifted; Skirt: Catos

Ashley's Miss Marvel Super hero costume for the Valentines Banquet

Monica's Outfit: Passed along by a friend.

Mason's Valentines outfit for distributing candy to the campus girls. Isn't he handsome!

Samuel's playing-in-the-sandbox outfit: Thrifted. He loves his shovel!

Naomi's outfit: top and skirt: Passed-alongs; Tights: Totsy

Naomi's Valentines outfit: Onesie and skirt: Passed-downs; Cardigan: Garage Sale; 
Leggings: Garage Sale; Hairbow: Walmart

Naomi's Sunday outfit: top and skirt: Passed-downs; Tights: Totsy; Shoes: Children's Place
Bow: Walmart

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Monday, February 17, 2014

{ Mothering Monday! }

Hi! Happy Monday! Naomi and my nephew Mason, are playing happily in the living room right now, and Samuel is taking a much needed nap. The house is still somewhat messed up from the weekend, but it is slowly shaping up! I don't know about you guys, but Monday is always cleaning day here. I read a great passage this morning during my devotions in my Amplified Bible. The context is Paul speaking to the Colossians, but I thought it was really great applied to Mothers. Here it is:

"Him we preach and proclaim, warning and admonishing every one and instructing every one in all wisdom, [ in comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God], that we may present every person mature - full-grown, fully initiated, complete and perfect - in Christ, the Anointed One. For this I labor [ unto weariness] , striving with all the superhuman energy which He so mightily enkindles and works within me."

I think we can at least start the process of having these things worked out in our children, with God's help of course!

Here is a picture of Naomi and I taken after church yesterday.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday }

Here are several pictures of what Ashley ( my sis-in-law) and the kids have been wearing lately. Our friend Monica is making an appearance this week too!

My Outfit details: skirt: free; shirt: gifted from Ashley; tank: Target; Boots: Born; Tights: Walmart


Monica's outfit : gifted

Hannah's outfit: Sweater: Thrifted; Skirt: Ross; Tights: Walmart; Shoes: Dillards


Mason ( Ashley's son) in his Sunday outfit

Samuel's outfit: Shirt: Crazy 8 via Thrifted; Pants: Children's Place via Thrifted; Shoes; Thrifted

Naomi's outfit: Hoodie: Thrifted; Skirt: Walmart; Leggings: Old Navy via hand-me-down

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{ Things I Love - Wednesday!}

Beauty Things I Heart

Here are some fun body products I have been loving this month. 
No. #1 - I Love Raspberry and Blackberry body butter
No. #2 - I Love Raspberry and Blackberry shower gel
No. #3- Sexy Little Things Noir body mist
No. #4 - Nolina Lip Balm from Joshua Tree

The " I Love Raspberry and Blackberry" items were given to me from my sister-in-law Ashley for Christmas, and I am really loving them. My good friend, Amber gave me the body mist, which I absolutely love! My sister Mary gave me the lip balm as part of a fun bath and body package she sent me for Christmas! 


what i love wednesday

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

 I really want to document most of the outfits I wear this year as motivation to put together pretty outfits every day ( or at least most days!) My sister-in-law, Ashley will be doing this with me, and our children will put in appearances too, as we love dressing them too, and it is so much fun dressing sweet Naomi in her cute little outfits! Here are Ashley and I one day this week!

 Outfit: Thrifted clothes, Socks: Target a few years ago, 
Boots: Born boots

Outfit: Not sure about clothes details. Scarf: Target (this year)

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Monday, February 3, 2014

{ Mothering Monday}

How was your past week of Mothering? Naomi was sick last week, but Thankfully is feeling better now, so there was some nights with little sleep, and lots of cuddling and nursing. She has gotten much better at walking in the past week too!

Here is an awesome Coca Cola commercial from Argentina. Love it!

- Go enter this awesome Natural in the New Year Giveaway event going on. There is tons of cool stuff for Moms and Children

- There is a great cloth diaper giveaway going on at Viva Veltoro blog that will have 16 winners!

- There are a few Valentines Giveaway hops going on around the web. Here are some:
the Feel The Love hop,  the Crazy Cupid hop, the Swag For Your Sweetie hop, and the Sweet February gift hop. Go enter, and see if you win some fun goodies!

Have a great week of Mothering!