Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

Hi, I think is going to be a catch-up post! Since I posted last, we went to Louisiana for Spring Break, so I have some pictures there and from before we left to post, and also from Easter! I am now 17 weeks along in my pregnancy, and showing some I think! How have you all been?

 Naomi's Easter outfit: Dress and Cardigan: Children's Place; Shoes: Target

 Samuel's Easter outfit: pants, vest, and bow tie: Target; Shirt: Talbots via Thrifted

 My early spring church outfit: Shirt: Walmart; Tank: Thrifted; Skirt: a boutique in Franklin, TN, 
Shoes: Candies brand via Garage Sale

 Ashley's early spring church outfit: Dress and top: Catos; Shoes: Shoe Show

 Ashley's class outfit: sweater: Thrifted; Tank: Gifted; Skirt: Catos
Shoes: Shoe Show

 Naomi's early spring outfit: Dress: pass-along; Tights: Totsy; Shoes: Shupeas

 Naomi's early spring outfit: Dress: Zutano via Thrifted; Tights: pass-alongs

 Naomi's beach outfit in Louisiana: Hat: Gymboree (gifted from my mom); 
Hoodie: Carters via Thrifted; Tights: pass-alongs; Sandals: Target

 Naomi's trekking by the lake look: T-shirt: pass-along; Skirt: pass-along; 
Hat: Gymboree (gift from her Grandma); Sandals: Target

 Samuel's fishing/trying to sight Alligators in Lousiana look: T-shirt: Thrifted; Pants: Thrifted

 Naomi's April look: Outfit: passed-along

Naomi and I for Easter: My outfit: Top: Thrifted; Skirt: Wet Seal 

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