Wednesday, June 4, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

Here we are again, after more than a month's absence! It was a hard month in which I had a miscarriage, but God's comfort has been close! We have also done some fun things this month. The college we work out is now on vacation, so we have some more free time. We had a nice Memorial Day campout and hike. We've also been hiking and playing in the creek. Here are some pictures of what we have been wearing:

 Naomi outfit details: Shirt: Children's Place via hand-me-down; skirt: Osh Kosh via Hand-me-down;
tights: hand-me-downs; shoes: Osh-Kosh from Target; Bow: Walmart

 Naomi's outfit: Cardigan: Children's Place via Hand-me-down; Skirt: Okie-dokie via Thrifted;
Tights: Old Navy via Hand-me-down; Shoes: Target

 Ashley's outfit: Skirt: Catos; Shirt: Catos; Cardigan:? ;
Shoes: Thrifted

 Samuel's outfit: Shirt: Ralph Lauren via Thrifted; Pants: Osh Kosh via Thrifted?
Shoes: hand-me-downs

 Naomi's outfit; tank: Walmart; Skirt: Children's Place; Shoes: Target
 Samuel's Outfit: Shirt: Talbots kids via Thrifted; Vest, bowtie, and pants: Target

 Samuel's creek hiking outfit: Thrifted; Shoes: Walmart

 Naomi's outfit: Shirt: Circo brand via Thrifted; Pants: Jumping Beans brand;
Shoes: Osh Kosh from Target

 Naomi's Outfit: Dress and bloomers: hand-me-downs; Shoes: Osh Kosh from Target 

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  1. Fun post! I am your newest follower via GFC! Great blog! <3