Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{ What We Wore Wednesday and Summer Happenings }

Hi to all! We had a fun summer! One of the big things we did this summer was move to a different house here on campus. That was a big undertaking and took a few weeks! We had a fun vacation to visit family in Michigan in July. We also did some outings to 3 different lakes around here, played in some creeks, acquired a four-wheeler to ride around, and other fun things! Here are outfit pictures of my sister-in-law, children, and I  from the past few months. I will try to stay up-to-date on this from now on, and post more often too!

 Naomi's outfit : skirt: thrifted, skirt: Gifted, shoes: Target from Osh Kosh 

 Naomi's outfit: dress and dolls: gifted 

 Samuel's outfit: thrifted and shoes from Walmart 

 My outfit: skirt: Family Dollar; Cardigan and shirt: thrifted 

 Naomi's outfit: dress and bow: Gifted 

 Naomi's outfit for 4th of July - Shirt: Walmart; Skirt: Thrifted; Sandals: Walmart

Naomi's outfit: Dress: gifted; Sandals: Walmart

Samuel's outfit: thrifted and gifted; Shoes: Walmart

Ashley's outfit: shirt and skirt: gifted; Scarf and hat: Walmart 
Mason's outfit: Carter's brand; shoes: Walmart

Naomi's parade outfit: dress: thrifted; shoes: Walmart; Hat: Gyboree via her Grandma

Naomi's outfit: gifted; Shoes: thrifted

Samuel's helicopter touring outfit: a garage sale helicopter tee; thrifted shorts; Shoes: Walmart

Naomi's outfit: tunic: Old Navy brand via hand-me-down; leggings: thrifted; Shoes: thrifted

Ashley's school outfit: skirt: Thrifted; Sandals: Shoe Show; Shirt? 

Samuel's outfit: shirt: Garage Sale; Shorts; thrifted; Shoes: Walmart 

Naomi's outfit: shirt: Carter's via her Grandma for birthday gift; jean skirt: thrifted; leggings: thrifted; sandals: Walmart 

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