Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{ Early Christmas at our House }

My parents came from Oklahoma to visit us for Thanksgiving in Kentucky. It was really wonderful to have them, and we ate so much good food while they were here. Some of it was goose gumbo (made with a goose Eric killed), a Thanksgiving feast, Venison, pumpkin cake, yummy cheese balls, and Mexican fajitas. After Thanksgiving, we went to cut down our Christmas tree, and decorated it for Christmas. We wanted to celebrate an early Christmas with them while they were visiting, since we wouldn't be seeing them again for Christmas. It was a very fun time!

 Our tree before it got decorated.

Eric helping Naomi decorate

 Samuel and Naomi decorating the tree. We usually listen to "Alabama" Christmas while
we do this.
 The presents under the tree. It looked so pretty and was so precious!
 My dad and the children getting ready to open presents.
 Naomi with her new trycycle from my parents. She loved it!
 Naomi with her new doll buggy for her babies. She really loved it too!
 Our sock monkey ornament - one of my favorite ones.
 Our cute choo choo train ornament on our tree
 We received this pretty card from a friend. It went on my fridge.
 I have this nice candle out on the cabinet in my kitchen. I won it as a door prize
this summer!
 Samuel and Naomi outside enjoying some nice December weather.
 Samuel and Naomi.
 Naomi enjoying her Christmas trycycle.
 Naomi wearing her adorable Christmas apron given to her by some friends.
 Samuel wearing his Christmas jammies by the tree one night.
 Samuel and Naomi wearing cute jammies by the tree one night.
Our cute little Nativity Scene

{ Early Fall Outfit Pictures }

Here are some outfit pictures from Early Fall.

 Ashley and Mason at a friend's wedding
 Me at the wedding.
 Outfit details: shirt: Walmart; skirt: Thrifted; shoes: Candies via Garage Sale
 Ashley's outfit details: skirt: Catos; Shoes: Shoe Show; jacket: borrowed.
 Mason after church one Sunday

 Naomi's outfit: Dress: thrifted
 Ashley one Sunday after Church

 My outfit details: shirt: Walmart; Tank: Kohls; Skirt: thrifted; Sandals: Sears
 Samuel's outfit: Thrifted; Boots: equipment store; bow: bought at town Festival
He loves this bow and plays with it a ton! 
 Naomi's outfit: pass-alongs.
Naomi's outfit: pass-along; sandals: Walmart

{ Aarrgh....we were pirates! }

So, also back in August, a friend of mine's little girl (born the same day as Samuel) had a fun pirate themed party, and the children and I dressed up as pirates and went. Here are some pictures.

 The children dressed up like pirates

Mason, Samuel's cousin, dressed up like Jake the Pirate
 Samuel dressed up like some sort of Pirate
 Naomi in black kinda looking like a gypsy, and the birthday girl in the boots.
 The Birthday girl pinning the sword on Jake
 The toy pirate ships at the party

Me in my pirate outfit for the party 

{ Samuel's Birthday in August }

So, way back in August, Samuel had his 4th birthday. It was an awesome birthday where we went to an awesome health and safety fair that was happening in town, complete with ambulances, and medi-vac helicopters. We also went to a parade that day, then had his birthday party in the evening. It was a very long, fun, and hot day!

 Samuel and his cousin Mason waiting for the parade to start.

 Samuel and Mason standing on the back of an ambulance at the fair

 One of the Medi-Vac helicopters at the fair
 A cool pirate ride the boys got to ride on at the Honey Festival
 Naomi and I waiting for the boys at the ride
 Naomi wearing a party hat at Samuel's party
 Samuel's awesome Missionary jungle/African pilot cake his Aunt Ashley decorated for him.

One of our friends, Stacy, wearing two birthday hats at Samuel's party
 Another picture of Samuel's cool cake
 Eric and I with Samuel at his party