Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{ Early Fall Outfit Pictures }

Here are some outfit pictures from Early Fall.

 Ashley and Mason at a friend's wedding
 Me at the wedding.
 Outfit details: shirt: Walmart; skirt: Thrifted; shoes: Candies via Garage Sale
 Ashley's outfit details: skirt: Catos; Shoes: Shoe Show; jacket: borrowed.
 Mason after church one Sunday

 Naomi's outfit: Dress: thrifted
 Ashley one Sunday after Church

 My outfit details: shirt: Walmart; Tank: Kohls; Skirt: thrifted; Sandals: Sears
 Samuel's outfit: Thrifted; Boots: equipment store; bow: bought at town Festival
He loves this bow and plays with it a ton! 
 Naomi's outfit: pass-alongs.
Naomi's outfit: pass-along; sandals: Walmart

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