Thursday, January 1, 2015

{ Christmas in Michigan }

A few days before Christmas, we took off for Michigan, where my husband's family live. We brought tons of snow gear, but it has hardly snowed! Eric and I had to go do our Christmas shopping just a few days before Christmas. That was interesting! One day we went to the very busy mall with the kids. They got pretty done pretty quick! We rode on the carousel, and ate Taco Bell though, to take the edge off, and have some fun! One of my favorite stores to browse was Barnes and Noble! They had some really cool kid's toys, believe it or not! Eric also took the kids to play in the kids play area at the mall, but it was REALLY crowded!

 The children sleeping as we traveled to Michigan
 Eric driving.
 The amazing book I read for a lot of the trip
 Enjoying some Taco Bell at the mall.
 Samuel on the carousel at the mall while Christmas shopping
 My Mother-in-law making yummy peanut butter cookies for Christmas
 The tree with all the presents on Christmas morning
 Eric helping Naomi open her first present
 Naomi playing a duet with her Aunt Jessica
 The pretty veggie tray I arranged.

 The adorable "Little People" Nativity Scene Naomi's Grandma gave her for Christmas
 Yummy rolls rising for Christmas dinner
 Naomi wearing her pretty new tutu dress
 Pies my Mother-in-law made.
 Naomi's Aunt Ashley feeding her Christmas dinner
 Naomi all dressed up in her new heels beads and purse she got for Christmas
Naomi all Dolled Up 

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