Monday, January 12, 2015

{ Update of the Week }

 Samuel and Naomi having a little outside time 

 Samuel and Naomi having a tea party with Naomi's new tea set from Christmas 

 Naomi getting all gussied up in her new dress-up stuff!

Putting on the fancy shoes!

How did I do with housework this week? - Well, I kept the house pretty tidy most of the time, and got the car unpacked and most stuff put away and dealt with from our vacation!

How am I doing keeping the kids healthy? - I ordered my first essential oils from Young Living this week. I am getting Thieves and Peppermint to start out! I'm pretty excited, and am going to try to put a drop of the Thieves on their hands before we go anywhere, to keep germs away. They took vitamins pretty much every day, and had some healthy snacks. Friday night, Samuel threw up though, and he had a low fever the next couple of days, and a low appetite. He seems to be better today though! 

What am I reading? I'm still reading Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts". I'm almost done, and it has been so GOOD! Highly recommend! Also reading the book of Matthew in the Bible.

How am I doing with preschool? We had a great week of preschool. Samuel seems to do well learning letters by making them with play doh, pretending to drive trucks around a big version of them, and making them with straws. It's interesting to learn what helps him learn! I'm also doing better with writing down every day what we did! 

How am I doing being a Mom? A dear friend brought to my attention this week that I need to do a better job teaching my kids how to act in public. So I had several talks with Samuel about how to better act in the dining hall. Church will be next. We did family devotions a couple of days this week, so hopefully that will be a training ground for Church. This will definitely be a work in progress! 

How did everyone else's week go? Any updates? Hope this week is amazing for you!

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  1. Dear Hannah! I'm so excited to see you've resumed blogging! I used to read your blog years ago and before that I saw a few photographs of you in the Above Rubies magazines... Now you have sweet littlies of your own! I look forward to reading more of your beautiful posts here ~ thank you for becoming my newest follower on my blog! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne