Monday, January 19, 2015

{ Update of the Week }

We discovered Naomi taking a nap like this one afternoon! 

 Eric and I had hot chocolate, popcorn, and played UNO last Sunday night. I 
love my cute Santa mug!

Having devotions with my fun Fox mug to drink out of is pretty awesome!

Fun activities this week:   We celebrated Noami's 2nd birthday on Saturday (post to come!) 
 We also visited my midwife in Lexington, and got in a Target trip while there too! I did some birthday shopping for Naomi there, and had a great time just looking at all the pretty stuff! I was actually practically crying in the gift bag/wrap aisle, because everything was just SO pretty! New baby seems to be doing well, and I feel her move a lot!

Projects accomplished:  We finally got our Christmas tree taken down, and most of our decorations moved downstairs! 

How is our health doing? My Thieves and Lemon oils from Young Living came in this week, and I am so excited! I've been making my husband put a drop on his hands of Thieves everyday before school, in an effort to keep germs away! I started drinking Red Raspberry tea this week (once), for my pregnancy. I drunk a good bit my last pregnancy, and had a great labor, so it can't hurt! We've also been super good about taking our Vitamins. I want to cut out way more sugar in my diet this coming week though! 

How did preschool go?  It went great! On Friday (review day), Samuel wrote 3 of his letters quite well. I definitely see an improvement in his control of writing, and understanding of it! What an encouragement! I also added in reading an animal book to them for Science, and a Bible story every day. We only do school time for like 45 minutes though. 

How did housework go? I think I got around to cleaning all main areas of the house at least once this week. I'm working on teaching Samuel to help me make his bed. We try to tidy his room once or twice a day too (morning and evening). Friday the house was a mess, because I was SUPER tired! 

What I am reading: "Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent. It is a midwife's story. I'm enjoying it! 

What I watched: "Driving Miss Daisy' Here is the trailer. I just realized today, that it went along well with Martin  Luther King Day being today! Good movie! I happened to read about it this week in an old "Southern Living" magazine, and decided to watch it. 

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