Monday, February 2, 2015

{ Naomi's 2nd Birthday! }

On January 17th, Naomi turned 2 years old! She is such a sweet little girl, and we are blessed to have her in our lives! She is talking a lot, learning how to count, and loves playing with her brother! She is also totally a Daddy's girl! Another thing she loves to do is pretend she is a kitty! Here are some pictures from her birthday party. We did a purple and pink princess theme. Two of our friends, Abby, and Vanessa came to help celebrate. Naomi loves both of them!

 getting ready to do the cake 

 Our friend Vanessa decorated the cake 

 about to dig in 

 Naomi in her pretty princess tutu handmade for her for Christmas!

 Naomi and Samuel watching something 

 Playing with one of her gifts!

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