Sunday, February 8, 2015

{ Update of the Week }

Samuel dressed up like "King Arthur" 

 Samuel with his toy balsa wood airplane

 Samuel and Eric out playing with his toy airplane

Samuel dressed up like Batman 

How did preschool go this week? It went pretty well. We played a flash card game on Friday, and Samuel knew almost all of the alphabet! We used a dry erase board one day this week for him to practice writing with, and he liked that! I'm trying to show Naomi letters too, in hopes she can get a head start!

What I am reading?  This week I started reading "The Big Book of Homeschooling" by Debi Pearl. It recently came out, and my Mom got it for me for Christmas. It is so good - all about creative ways to homeschool and neat ideas! It is based on ideas from some of the early Moms of homeschooling! I highly recommend it! 

What I watched this week I found some links through the 19 Kids And Counting Facebook page to watch a lot of the most recent season online for free. There is a lot of commercials, but I am still enjoying it! I watched a few episodes with a friend on Friday night, and we enjoyed it! It was pretty fun watching Jill's wedding preparations. So, if you are like me, and don't have a TV, this might be perfect for you!

How are we doing health-wise? I felt like I was starting to get a cold on Monday and Tuesday, but I drank a little of my flu/cold remedy, made a throat concoction with honey, onion, and lemon essential oil, took a bunch of echinacea, and it never really came to fruition, so that was great! Before we go to church etc. we put Thieves oil on our hands. Eric says we are going to be know as the "weird smelling people," but as I told him, we haven't missed church in several weeks now, so we are doing good! Thank God for His protection!

Fun Things We have Done Eric picked up a cheapo balsa wood type airplane at Walmart, and him and Samuel were flying it this week. They both are enjoying it! Samuel is in to dressing up lately in costumes. Last week he was King Arthur, and this week for dress-up supper (where we dress in church clothes and eat nice food), he wanted to be Batman, so I put together a costume. Not anything fancy, but we still had fun! 

How is Mothering going? The children tend to be SUPER rambunctius between 3:00 and 5:30 in the afternoons, and it pretty much makes my head hurt. I really need to figure out how to get nap time in! Naomi has been in to helping me wash dishes, which is So adorable! She also helped me clean the floor, and helps me put clean clothes in the dryer! We are working on potty-training. She is pretty in to it! We'll see how long it takes. It would be nice for her to be potty trained by the time the new baby comes! I bought a cool heart sticker book for her to do during church, and this morning it did help! Samuel is going to big kid Children's Church now, and this afternoon he was singing, "He's got the whole world in his hands!" My pastor's wife gave me the idea of making Sundays extra special, but like, giving the kids special cereal for breakfast, etc. We did that this morning. We don't usually eat cereal for breakfast, so it was something different! 

How is being a wife going? In my women's encouragement group, one of the things we are doing right now, is learning ways to show our husband's we respect them without using words. A couple of weeks ago, the challenge was to "Choose Joy." This week's is to "Honor our Husband's wishes." The idea is to do things that honor our husband's wishes about different things. A few things my husband likes is a clean bathroom, house picked up when he comes home, etc. I'm trying to think of things I can do every day. 

Have an amazing week!

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