Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

Here are some outfits we have worn the past couple of weeks.

Outfit details: skirt: Thrifted; Shirt: Thrifted; Cardigan: ?; Boots: Maurices
(everyday outfit, 28/29 weeks pregnant) 

Outfit details: Shirt: Thrifted; Skirt: Catos; Scarf: Gift from Grandma;
Shoes: Dillards
(Church outfit, 29 weeks pregnant) 

Outfit details: black shirt: Thrifted; Cardigan; Thrifted; Skirt: Gift from Mom; 
Scarf; Walmart; Boots: Maurices
(everyday outfit, 30 weeks pregnant) 

Naomi's outfit: Dress: Old Navy via Pass-along; Cardigan: Pass-along; 
Leggings: Falls Creek via Thrifted; Boots: pass-along. 
(everyday outfit) 

Outfit details: Shirt: GAP via Garage Sale; Cardigan: Cherokee via Pass-along; 
Skirt: Cherokee via pass-along; Tights: Walmart; Boots: pass-alongs. 
(church outfit, Sunday before Valentines) 

Outfit details: Cardigan: Circo via Pass-along; Shirt: pass-along; skirt: Thrifted; 
Tights: Crazy 8; Boots: pass-alongs. 
(everyday outfit, Valentines week) 

Outfit details: Coat: Walmart; Shirt: Gymboree via pass-along; 
Skirt: Cherokee via pass-along; Boots: pass-alongs. 
(everyday outfit, Valentines week) 

Outfit: shirt: pass-along; Pants: Dollar Store; Boots: Walmart.
(everyday outfit, flying planes, etc.) 

Outfit details: Coat: Gifted; Pants: Garage Sale; Shirt: Garage Sale; 
Boots: Walmart. 
(everday outfit, playing outside, etc. ) 

pleated poppy

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  1. Such sweet little ones you have, Hannah! I'm sure you must enjoy them very much! And I dearly love your pretty outfits! I especially love the skirt you're wearing in the second photo...oh! But they're all lovely...:). Hope your pregnancy is going well...
    Much love and blessings,