Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{ Spring Break }

Earlier, in March, was our Spring Break. We stayed home mostly and did a bunch of organizing, roasted hot dogs outside, had family time, and we went out to Natural Bridge State Park a time or two with the kids. Naomi seems to want to be Eric's little fishing buddy. She really enjoyed fishing. Samuel and Eric flew his kite too. Me and the kids had a good time playing on the playground equipment, and Samuel even got in the creek! St. Patrick's Day was over Spring Break, and my secret sister from church gave me a cute little chalkboard and chalk that day! I have enjoyed using it!

 Samuel and his kite 

 Getting ready to fly it!

 Eric flying the kite and Samuel watching it 

 Naomi pretending to fish. Eric was dressed up because we stopped after church

 I think Samuel is hunting for "Treasure Rocks" 

 Naomi playing around while Eric fishes. 

 Selfie of Naomi and I on the playground equipment. 

 A delicious beef and greens salad I made and ate over Spring Break. The drink is a coffee drink. 

 Naomi doing really great climbing on the playground equipment 

 My sweet Secret Sister present 

I thought the little chalkboard looked good by my cilantro for St. Patrick's Day!

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