Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{ Valentines!}

I love Valentines! KMBC, the Bible College we work at, puts on a winter banquet every year around Valentines. This year was a "Winter Lodge" theme. Almost everyone wore plaid or flannel, they had some nice touches like an outdoor fire pit, and it was just a good time! For Valentines Day, our family had homemade pizza, a heart shaped strawberry cake, and gave each other treats. Here are some Valentines pictures:
 Eric, Samuel, and I at the Winter banquet 

Our great friend, Amber Street with Naomi at the winter banquet 

 Eric and Samuel looking handsome in plaid!

 Us out by the fire pit 

 Samuel trying to light a stick on fire

 Naomi with our good friend, Mr. Street after the winter banquet 

  I loved this Valentines garland I picked up at Target. The snow was so pretty framed by it!

 Valentines wreath I decorated on our door. 

 My 'Valentines Shrine" Eric gave me the pretty red box of chocolates. Loved everything!

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