Thursday, April 16, 2015

{ What We Wore Wednesday }

I haven't done one of these posts in several weeks, so I need to get caught up before the new baby arrives - now almost any day! So here is some of the things we have been wearing the past several weeks. You can see the transition from Winter to Spring! The trees are all gorgeous here right now, and we are just loving it! Although our sinuses aren't!

 Me and Samuel. Outfit details; My dress: Old Navy via Garage Sale,
Shirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Shoe Show

 Naomi's outfit for church: Coat:-GAP via pass-along , Cardigan: Cherokee via 
pass-along, Skirt: Old Navy via Thrifted. Tights: Walmart. Shoes: Walmart. 

 Samuel's church outfit: Suit was a gift from his Grandma

 My outfit: probably thrifted. Shoes: Shoe Show 

 Naomi's everyday outfit details: Coat:pass-along.  Shirt: Circo via pass-along. 
Skirt: pass-along. Leggings: Circo via pass-alongs. Boots: Walmart 

 Naomi's outfit: Thrifted? 

 Samuel's outfit: probably from Garage Sales. Boots: Shoe Show 

 Naomi's outfit: Shirt: Falls Creek via pass-along. Skirt: pass-along. 
Leggings: Falls Creek via Thrifted. Tennis Shoes: Sketchers via pass-alongs. 
(She is pretending to fish) 

 Samuel's fishing outfit: probably Thrifted. 

 Naomi's outfit: Hoodie: Dollar Store. Skirt: pass-along. Boots: Cracker Barrel. 
Purse: Gift from Friends. 

 Samuel's outfit: Shirt: Old Navy via Thrifted. Pants: Gifted. Boots: Shoe Show. 

 My outfit at around 35 weeks pregnant. Shirt: Thrifted. Skirt: Catos. 
Shoes: Shoe Show. 

 Naomi and I. Naomi's outfit: Cardigan: Cherokee via pass-along. Shirt: 
GAP via pass-along. Skirt: Old Navy via pass-along. Tights: Walmart. 

 Naomi's outfit: Sweater: pass-along. Dress: Cherokee via Thrifted. 
Leggings: Old Navy via Thrifted. Shoes: Walmart. 

 Naomi's Easter Outfit: Dress: Carter's Brand from J.C. Penney. Leggings: Circo from Target.
Shoes: Walmart. Purse: Claire's. Hair Bow: Walmart. 

 Samuel's Easter outfit for hunting eggs: 
Pants: Osh Kosh from Target. Shirt: Talbots Kids via Thrifted. 
Bow Tie: Osh Kosh from Target. Boots: Shoe Show. 

 My Easter Outfit: Skirt: Wet Seal. Shirt: Sears. Scarf: Gift from Grandma. 

 Naomi's outfit: Dress: gifted. Shirt: pass-along. Boots: Cracker Barrel. 

Naomi's outfit: Dress: ? Leggings: pass-alongs. Boots: Cracker Barrel. 

 My outfit: Shirt: Pink Blush Maternity. Skirt: Thrifted? Sandals: Walmart. 

 Naomi's outfit: Shirt: Target. Skirt: Children's Place. Sandals: Payless. 
Hair Bow: Walmart. 

 Naomi's Outfit: Dress: Thrifted. 

 My outfit: Shirt: Sears. Skirt: Chaps brand via Thrifted. 

Samuel's outfit: Shirt: Old Navy via Garage Sale? Pants: Mini Boden via Thrifted. 
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