Sunday, May 31, 2015

{ Baby Jasmine is Here! }

Well, the day after Mothers' Day, actually around 12:30 a.m., my water broke, and  about 2.5 hours later, I gave birth to Jasmine Jael Avery! It was a really quick home delivery, and my midwife and her assistant were able to be here!  She weighed 7.5 lb. and was 19.5 inches long. My Mom had already been here about 3 weeks, as we thought I would have the baby earlier, so she was only able to be here a few more days after I had the baby.  After she left, Eric's Mom and Grandma, and our nephew Mason came for two more weeks .It was really great to have them here! Jael and I are both doing well.

Jasmine Jael Avery 

Eric with Jasmine the night of her birth. 

Eric, Naomi and Jasmine 

Eric, Samuel, and Naomi with Jasmine 

My Mom with Jasmine, Samuel, and Naomi 

Love their expressions!

Naomi with Jasmine!

Samuel with Jasmine

Jasmine and I our first time out 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

{ Mothers' Day }

This Mothers' Day, I was very blessed to have my Mom here. She was here to help for the baby's arrival. It was so fun to be able to give her presents in person, instead of sending them in the mail! I am blessed to have a Mom that loves God, and raised me to love God too. She homschooled us, and taught us many things. My husband was so sweet and made me a card with the funny sayings the kids say on a regular basis, and he gave me a really cute Fedora hat from "Anthropologie" too! Really, he spoiled me! I had been thinking I might have a newborn baby and not be able to go to church on Mothers' Day, but turned out she hadn't arrived yet, so I got to go after all! A lot of people shared about their Mothers and the church gave plants and flowers to all the Moms. My secret Sister also gave me a sweet "Smores gift pack," which we will have fun using! Here are some pics of the kids and I for Mothers' Day. I am so blessed to be their Mom!

 Naomi an I 


 Naomi in the gazebo

 Naomi and I

 My present from Eric. I'm wearing the hat in the above picture!

the fun present from my secret sister!

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

Here is some pictures of us two Sundays ago after church!

Naomi's outfit: Sweater: pass-along; Dress: Thrifted; Leggings: pass-alongs; 
Sandals: Payless; Hair Bow: Walmart. 

Samuel's outfit: Shirt: Talbots Kids via Thrifted; Pants: Osh Kosh from Target; 
Tie: Children's Place; Shoes: Thrifted. 

Naomi checking out the "garden" 

Me at about 39 weeks pregnant. Outfit: Shirt: Thrifted; 
Skirt: Old Navy via Thrifted. Tank: Target. 

pleated poppy

Sunday, May 3, 2015

{ Springime Preschool Fun}

I've been doing preschool this year with Samuel. He is 4 years old. It's been kinda sporadic due to sickness, Holidays, and pregnancy. He can recognize most of the Alphabet, and write a lot of it (albeit, sometimes his own way, which we must continue to work on!) A couple of weeks ago, we had fun doing finger painting for the first time (for them!), and making a flower and butterfly bouquet out of play doh and fun springtime cookie cutters. We all had a good time!
 Naomi having fun. 

 My artwork 

 Samuel's "Lake" 

 The Play doh flower bouquet 

{ Easter }

Easter was such a beautiful day! Our church usually has an easter egg hunt every year which we attend, but it didn't materialize this year. Dying Easter eggs also didn't materialize. I just didn't feel like it, and couldn't find an egg dying kit. It didn't help that it was like two days before Easter when I  was sorta looking - or did I even look? But we did have our traditional Good Friday family Communion time, and we did have our own Easter egg hunt after Sunday lunch on Sunday. It was fun!

 Our Easter Garden. The cross has a  hole in it for the tomb. There is also a nail in it. 

 Our Good Friday table

 Naomi after church 

 The beautiful and fun Easter bucket my Secret Sister from church gave me! It had fun springy cookie cutters, a cute hand towel, and some yummy Lindt  truffles! 

 Samuel checking out his Easter basket after lunch. 

 Naomi's Easter basket! She loved it!

 She was majorly obsessed with her new umbrella. It was the first one she has had, 
and I knew she would really enjoy one!

 My yummy dark - chocolate laden Easter basket from my husband and Grandma!

 Eric taking Naomi looking for Easter eggs 

 Samuel finding an Easter egg in the tree 

 Naomi outside with her Easter basket and umbrella 

 Samuel with his Easter eggs 


Me. I am about 36 or 37 weeks pregnant here!