Sunday, May 31, 2015

{ Baby Jasmine is Here! }

Well, the day after Mothers' Day, actually around 12:30 a.m., my water broke, and  about 2.5 hours later, I gave birth to Jasmine Jael Avery! It was a really quick home delivery, and my midwife and her assistant were able to be here!  She weighed 7.5 lb. and was 19.5 inches long. My Mom had already been here about 3 weeks, as we thought I would have the baby earlier, so she was only able to be here a few more days after I had the baby.  After she left, Eric's Mom and Grandma, and our nephew Mason came for two more weeks .It was really great to have them here! Jael and I are both doing well.

Jasmine Jael Avery 

Eric with Jasmine the night of her birth. 

Eric, Naomi and Jasmine 

Eric, Samuel, and Naomi with Jasmine 

My Mom with Jasmine, Samuel, and Naomi 

Love their expressions!

Naomi with Jasmine!

Samuel with Jasmine

Jasmine and I our first time out 

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  1. Ohhh the one on the couch where everyone smiling is gorgeous! Just shows how much happiness babes bring into a family. Congrats!

    Megan ||