Sunday, May 3, 2015

{ Easter }

Easter was such a beautiful day! Our church usually has an easter egg hunt every year which we attend, but it didn't materialize this year. Dying Easter eggs also didn't materialize. I just didn't feel like it, and couldn't find an egg dying kit. It didn't help that it was like two days before Easter when I  was sorta looking - or did I even look? But we did have our traditional Good Friday family Communion time, and we did have our own Easter egg hunt after Sunday lunch on Sunday. It was fun!

 Our Easter Garden. The cross has a  hole in it for the tomb. There is also a nail in it. 

 Our Good Friday table

 Naomi after church 

 The beautiful and fun Easter bucket my Secret Sister from church gave me! It had fun springy cookie cutters, a cute hand towel, and some yummy Lindt  truffles! 

 Samuel checking out his Easter basket after lunch. 

 Naomi's Easter basket! She loved it!

 She was majorly obsessed with her new umbrella. It was the first one she has had, 
and I knew she would really enjoy one!

 My yummy dark - chocolate laden Easter basket from my husband and Grandma!

 Eric taking Naomi looking for Easter eggs 

 Samuel finding an Easter egg in the tree 

 Naomi outside with her Easter basket and umbrella 

 Samuel with his Easter eggs 


Me. I am about 36 or 37 weeks pregnant here!

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