Wednesday, May 13, 2015

{ Mothers' Day }

This Mothers' Day, I was very blessed to have my Mom here. She was here to help for the baby's arrival. It was so fun to be able to give her presents in person, instead of sending them in the mail! I am blessed to have a Mom that loves God, and raised me to love God too. She homschooled us, and taught us many things. My husband was so sweet and made me a card with the funny sayings the kids say on a regular basis, and he gave me a really cute Fedora hat from "Anthropologie" too! Really, he spoiled me! I had been thinking I might have a newborn baby and not be able to go to church on Mothers' Day, but turned out she hadn't arrived yet, so I got to go after all! A lot of people shared about their Mothers and the church gave plants and flowers to all the Moms. My secret Sister also gave me a sweet "Smores gift pack," which we will have fun using! Here are some pics of the kids and I for Mothers' Day. I am so blessed to be their Mom!

 Naomi an I 


 Naomi in the gazebo

 Naomi and I

 My present from Eric. I'm wearing the hat in the above picture!

the fun present from my secret sister!

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