Wednesday, August 19, 2015

{ What We Wore Wednesday! }

Here is some outfits we have worn this summer!


{ Our trip to Oklahoma! }

The last part of June and first week of July, we spent in Oklahoma visiting my parents who are sweet potato farmers there. We had never been there in the summer, so thought it would be nice to do so. My Mama cooked us lots of yummy food and yummy desserts. We had our share of fresh veggies, including just-getting-ready sweet corn! We played in the lake close to where they live, which was really nice! We got to visit their church, and had a good time visiting with Christian brothers and sisters from their church. We walked way to the back of their farm,  and I got my first big tractor ride! I also got to go to the Farmers' market with my Mama to sell veggies, did some Goodwill shopping, and ate at a cute cafe with her. On our way home, it was the Fourth of July, so we stopped and bought fireworks, and blew them off on a country road in Missouri!

My Mom and Samuel picking fresh tomatoes for supper 

My Mom's pretty flowers 

My Mom, Samuel, and Naomi with the fresh tomatoes for supper 

Samuel and Naomi playing with my Mom's pretty pillows 

Pretty veggies for supper 

Honey baked carrots about to go in the oven 

Baby Jasmine on one of my Mom's pretty quilts wearing a vintage baby dress that used 
to be my Dad's 

The intricate fun bridge system Eric built for the children to play on 

Naomi balancing on the bridge 

Using a sweet potato crate as a fort 

My pretty Mama holding baby Jasmine 

Mama brought the girls and I out to eat at a nice Mexican restaurant. I loved the porch 

I really, really, loved the pretty light and bunting!

Those geraniums are so pretty!

Naomi playing with some of her toys in my Mom's kitchen 

My Man 

Naomi taking a sunset stroll 

Samuel playing in the sand on the farm 


The pretty sunset 

Taking Jasmine a bath in my Mama's kitchen 

My Mama and Samuel trying to get smiles from Jasmine 

Samuel and Naomi playing in the kiddie pool my parents bought them 

Yummy Mexican flan my Mama made 

Samuel playing at the lake 

Naomi and Samuel at the lake 

Naomi polishing off some ice cream 

Sweet Baby Jasmine 

Having a tractor ride with my Dad 

The tractor I rode on 

Naomi and her "Papa" 

My Mama and Daddy and us