Tuesday, September 27, 2016

{ Early Spring Outfit pics }

Here are a couple of early spring outfit pictures and random pictures. By this time Jasmine was getting around pretty well around furniture, as you can tell!
 Cute Jasmine 

(Bottom) - Naomi by the pretty blooming trees!

{ Our Spring Break Trip 2016 - Louisiana }

In the Spring we went down to Louisiana to visit my family, and we had a great time! We got to eat fresh boiled crawfish, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, visit with my Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, and a cousin-in-law. I got to meet one of my little cousins for the first time! Eric got to go fishing with my Grandpa, and I got to go to a great used book sale with my Grandparents, and even got my picture on the front page of the Lake Charles newspaper at the book sale. It was a fun time!

 Samuel and Naomi swinging on the nice swings my Paw Paw made them. 

 Naomi pretending to sleep on one of the swings 

 Naomi with the pretty hat and purse my Maw Maw got her 

 Naomi is styling the cute blue hat and bag my Maw Maw got her too. 

 My Paw Paw and Jasmine 

 Samuel being funny with one of my Grandparents' yard ornaments on his head. 

 Naomi on my Grandparent's porch. They have a beautiful wrap around porch 

 Jasmine eyeing the yummy boiled shrimp we were about to eat

 Naomi pretending to be a princess in the pretty dress my Grandparents had given her for Christmas 

 My Maw Maw enjoying some Jasmine time 


 My Grandparents' beautiful yellow bell flowers by their front porch 

 Naomi in the front yard at my Grandparents' house 

 Samuel and Naomi making chocolate chip cookies with my Maw Maw 

 Jasmine kept trying to get in the dish washer. She was obsessed with it!

 The children and I with my Grandparents before we left. So glad we got to visit!

Jasmine and her little 3rd cousin Presley. They are almost the same age, and it was special they got to meet!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

( Late Winter pictures of 2016)

Here are some pictures of our life from late winter of this year. I've had a  lot of computer problems this year, so am trying to just now, get somewhat caught up on my blog.



 Naomi enjoying playing with her paper dolls. She loved these! 

 A princess picture  Naomi and I colored 

 This was from a coloring book I got from Melissa and  Doug for her for Christmas
and she has loved it!

 Jasmine probably around 10 months old

 Samuel, Naomi, and Jasmine 

 Naomi, our friend Abby, and I having a pretend picnic 

Our friend Abby, and Naomi, having a pretend picnic 

January Happenings and Pictures

We came back from our Christmas Break in Michigan around the first week of January, and Eric got back to teaching at Mt. Carmel School. The children and I also got back to Homeschooling, after a fairly lengthy break. I was very excited to see that Samuel is now making more progress with learning to read! We were very happy to be able to see our friends Jake and Naomi Litchfield and Andrew and Morgan Street and their families in January too. What a blessing for me to be able to visit with my sweet friends Morgan and Naomi! In January, we got a huge snowstorm with about 16-20 inches of snow. It was so pretty, and Eric had a great time playing in it with our 4-wheeler. He even rigged up a snow plow to push snow with his 4-wheeler with! I love his inventiveness! Before we got the huge snow, we had a smaller amount of snow, and he pulled the children behind the 4-wheeler on their sleds. One day I went out and rode too, but then the rope broke! I did do some sledding though, but didn't have proper snow boots, and kept falling all over the place! Also, Naomi had her 3rd birthday! We had a princess party for her with the Englehardts and some of the college students! It was on one of the biggest snow days too! Jesus really helped me make her a pretty cake, and she loved it! So those were the main happenings of January. It was a nice first month of the year!

Me and Jasmine in January 

We had LOTS of snow!

Naomi in the snow. Her Grandma gave her this pretty coat!

Naomi about to blow out her candles at her princess party for her 3rd birthday 

Our friend Wesley, holding Jasmine at Naomi's birthday party 

Eric and Samuel playing a game over Christmas break 

Jasmine pulling up on stuff

 Naomi's pretty birthday cake! Thank God it came out nice. Mine don't always!

 Naomi at her princess party!

 Cute Jasmine all dressed up for Naomi's party

 Eric and Samuel played Legos a lot in late winter.

 Eric and Samuel built some pretty neat things on those very cold winter days!

 Naomi received a nice sea side play doh set from our friends the Englehardts for her birthday.

 Jasmine one cold winter day. She is wearing a cute mint green that Ashley, a sweet college girl made for Naomi for her birthday, but then Naomi didn't want to wear it, but it looked adorable on Jasmine!

 I loved Naomi's outfit on this cold winter day!

 Samuel and Naomi on a very cold snowy day
 Naomi loved this really cute bear hat that her Maw Maw Dee gave her. She liked pretending she was a bear.

 This was close to Valentines I think, on a somewhat mild day. Her Maw Maw Dee sent her this cute little hearts skirt

 I love this picture of Samuel and Naomi together. They are good friends!

 This cute little hearts necklace making set was a gift from us for her for Christmas. Her and I enjoyed making a necklace for her and her friend Joy Englehardt for Valentines.

 One of Naomi's cute 3rd Birthday cards.

(Bottom) - Jasmine and I at the camping themed KMBCS Winter Banquet. I thought the banquet was fancy until right before it. I was all dressed up, and then had to quickly change when I heard. I let Jasmine keep on her fancier clothes though. The banquet was so much fun, and the food was amazing!