Sunday, October 30, 2016

{ Easter 2016}

Here are pictures we took on Easter. I love Easter and the Resurrection. Because of the Resurrection we have Life. There would be no Christianity without the Resurrection!
 The Easter Garden centerpiece we did with a cross, a stone, and flowers. We like to go forage for the stuff. It is a meaningful object lesson for the children 

 Working on dyeing Easter eggs at home. 

 Naomi doing eggs 

 I love all the pretty pastel colors 

 The beautiful flower I got for our house, and a cross on the window seal. 

 Naomi and her friend, Joy, on Easter Sunday 


 Samuel blowing bubbles one of the nice college students must have given him 

 Samuel in His Sunday best Easter clothes - he wasn't all that enthused to take this though. 

 Family picture of us on Easter Sunday 

 Our great friend,  Katie Jack with the children on Sunday 

 the girls and I 

 Naomi found her Easter basket which I hid for her to find 

 Eric enjoying the Easter basket I hid for him 

 Samuel with his Easter basket I hid for him 

 Naomi hunting eggs 

 Samuel hunting eggs 

 Naomi's fun full Easter basket 

 Samuel with his Easter basket 

 My yummy easter basket from Eric and my Grandparents 

 Sweet Jazz 

 The children helping her with her Easter basket after she had her nap 

 Samuel reading her a little book 

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