Sunday, February 26, 2017

{ Mothers' Day and May 2016 Pictures }

I love May and Mothers' Day! I love all the flowers blooming, and on the campus here where we live, there are lots of pretty flowers. My favorites are the beautiful pink peonies! Every year I am always so excited to see them bloom! Our church had a very nice service where they honored the Mothers and gave us lots of treats, and flowers to plant! My gift from Eric was getting to pick out several flowers to plant in our backyard! That was fun! Our backyard is looking really nice! On May 11, was Jasmine's first birthday, but we didn't actually have a party for her, because of things being pretty busy. I did give her a piece of birthday cake in the Dining Hall, and taking a picture of her. I kept thinking we would have a party for her, but didn't end up doing it, till we were up in  Michigan for our Summer vacation! We will have to do better next year!
 Naomi by the pretty peonies one Sunday in early May 

 Trying to take a picture with both girls by the peonies, but Jasmine wasn't really enjoying it!

 Naomi walking by the college fountain after church one Sunday 

 Another picture of Naomi by the fountain one Sunday 

 Sweet Jasmine by the College fountain one Sunday after church 

 Samuel and Naomi looking at the peonies on Mothers' Day 

 A Mothers' Day picture with the children and I 

 Me on Mothers' Day! 

 pretty peonies on our table! 

 Jasmine with her piece of birthday cake 

 I think she mostly ate the icing!

 Some nice people from Florida send these t-shirt dresses to the little girls here on our campus. They make nice summer play dresses for the girls!

 Jasmine who was just beginning to walk!

Below: Jasmine one of the first pictures of her beginning to walk. 

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